still use usb cable to connect smartphones and windows pc

Do you remember bad experience when using USB cable for data transfer between Android devices and Windows pc?

• Every time you want to transfer the data, you need an USB cable.
• Using USB cable for data transfer is not Plug and Play anymore. You need to spend some time confirm the connection request showing on the Android screen, switch to Windows desktop and browse to your target Android folder before you can start the files transfer process.
• For multiple Android devices, you have to wait and complete the data transfer one by one because you usually get just one USB cable connected to the Windows PC.
• There are another possibilities here which will drive you absolutely crazy….bad connection contact, broken or unqualified USB cable, sudden phone call, etc will blow up the transfer process. Worse of all, so unlucky that sometimes you cannot restart the transfer process by unplug and replug the USB cable until you reboot your windows PC and/or your Android device.

You need to do this whole process AGAIN every time you transfer data between Android and Windows.


MobileSync software – New generation Wi-Fi Data Transfer Tool

Using MobileSync software, you do not need USB cable anymore. MobileSync software will also provide you a lot of advantages over the traditional WI-FI data transfer tools.

• You just have to complete the setup of MobileSync software for the first time in Windows and Android side and then the data transfer is ready.
• MobileSync software allows you to share files from multiple Android devices to the windows PC simultaneously.
• MobileSync software is able to launch automatically and enables you to transfer data when Windows and Android starts.


Current Wi-Fi data transfer apps in market

There are already Wi-Fi data transfer apps in market. Some of present Wi-Fi data transfer apps of market need to turn on the Ad-Hoc mode or the Wi-Fi hotspot mode in the Android device in order to share the files. There is just one more option which is to go for the web/ftp server approach. In this approach, the device turns into a web/ftp server and you need to enter certain IP address on your Windows web browser, connect to smart device, login with details and after all this inconvenience steps is complete, finally you can share your data.

To MobileSync software, it is simply install and configure once, then relax and enjoy every time you need to transfer your data files.