Check the following if MobileSync connection cannot be established even though Station ID and Connect Password are configured correctly in both MobileSync Station and MobileSync App.


If using Station ID for connection method, make sure that the local network where both the Android device and the Windows pc reside can connect to internet.

If using Station IP Address for connection method, internet connectivity is not required.

Android device

Double check IP address of your Android device and make sure it’s correct. Also, a common problem when using local IP addresses is that your device might have switched Wi-Fi networks and may not longer be on the same network as your PC. Double check your WiFi settings by opening up the Settings app on your Android device.

Windows computer

If you’re running any firewalls, anti-virus or internet security products, it’s possible that they might be blocking incoming connections. Try to temporarily turn off the security product and then try connecting again. If the connection attempt works, you need to configure your security product to allow MobileSync App connections.