For non-commercial use, you can always choose Free version. No file size limits for transferring, no time limits, and no additional subscription required. Moreover, it is totally Ad-free.

If you want to support more than one Android device, you may decide to upgrade to the Full version at any time. For version difference, please check Features Comparison article in Resource page.

You can order Full version either in below link in this page or if you have installed the Free version in your pc, you can place order in the Registration tab of MobileSync Station main window.

Click order link below and a PayPal’s secure payment page will open. Payment will be made to TeamOne Studio. Change the quantity if needed. You can complete the payment through your PayPal account. If you do not own a PayPal account, you may select and navigate to the “Pay with credit card” page and make payment by credit card directly without setting up a PayPal account.

Order MobileSync Station Full version for US$6.8

Once the payment is completed, you can register for full version by entering the PayPal Transaction ID or Receipt ID (for credit card payment) in the Registration tab page of MobileSync Station.

For any enquiries, please contact <> for assistance.

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