For MobileSync Station, it is suggested to allow the program to launch and stays in system tray upon starting up Windows. Follow below instructions:

Launch MobileSync Station for Windows, goto [Settings] > [General]

  • Enable checkbox for [When Windows starts, launch MobileSync Station]
  • Enable checkbox for [Minimized when startup]
  • Enable checkbox for [Hide to system tray when minimized]
  • Click [Apply] to update the settings


For MobileSync App,

  • Suggest to assign your Android device camera output folder as Watch folder in MobileSync App. By doing this, all your new captured photos and videos during your vacation will be automatically transferred to MobileSync Station running in your Windows pc when you bring the Android device home and it re-connects to Windows in local network.
  • Ensure to click [Start] button in MobileSync App main screen¬†and let MobileSync App running in background. An icon of MobileSync App will be displayed in Notification bar, indicating that MobileSync App is running in background mode even though the app main screen is closed in Android app stack.¬†